Sand Song

Set Designer – Jacob Nash

The Theatre Star Creative team were tasked with the creation of a unique custom ‘Cross Cloth’ for Bangarra Dance Theatre production ‘SandSong’.

Our challenge was to create a window through a curtain achieved using a wool cut cloth and ‘magic’ gauze.

This was a technically difficult project which required much hand sewing!

 When first working on Sandsong: Stories from the Great Dessert, we went straight to the team at Theatre Star to commission the Cross Cloth.  Jake Nash (Set Designer) had envisioned a large cross, representing a branding iron, which could be back lit during the section entitled Auction.  Rod and his team, we’re able to take Jake’s hand drawn images and my scaled computer drawings and interpret them into a beautifully made cloth. They were extremely helpful in every step of the process, sending quotes, samples, and progress photos.  We were thrilled by the finished product – it looked exactly like what Jake had in his model box. Cat Studley | Production Manager | She/ Her/ Hersbangarra dance theatre australia