In the workroom

Peacock tail on frame for Artists In Motion

Well, this was fun!  We first had to get the peacock tail design printed onto 2 different types of fabric and then sew in various pockets and fixings to be able to support the finished cloth onto a specially built lightweight frame.

Scenery net was then applied to the rear of the top feathered section for support.

The end result was a 4m plus peacock tail which was able to open and close when operated by puppeteers.  We love a challenge!

Project – Circus tent for Love Never Dies, UK production, Opera Australia

Not a straight line anywhere on this one.  All panels were angled or curved and could only be supported by specified rope pick-up points.

Made using Cascade satin and other satin. It then went from our workroom to the Opera workshop for scenic painting.

The finished cloth appears in perspective, like a round tent but actually flat.  Very cleverly designed by Gabriela Tylesova.